Stara Fužina is best for seeking amazing views and going around for shorter walks. We recommend hiking to Rudnica, Peč, Studor or Vogar (last two are jumping points for parachuting as well). If you don’t like the heights treat yourself with a walk around the Bohinj lake. You will definitely be amazed by Mostnica gorge (with the Devil’s bridge) and the valley Voje which ends with waterfall Šum. For laid-back experience go to famous pastures of Stara Fužina and enjoy the freshness of local produced dairy products like milk and cheese.

If you are into fishing you can have an exclusive experience on Mostnica river. Only 5 fishermen are allowed per day here. For climbing there’s a natural climbing wall called Peč. To maintain good physical condition there’s an outdoor fitness facility with the most amazing view on the lake (Vorančkovca) and for bike enthusiasts there’s a bike path just right next to us. In wintertime you can go cross country skiing on the nearby tracks.


Largest natural lake in Slovenia with endless possibilities for activity and fun.

It lies in a glacial valley surrounded by mountain peaks and holds almost 100 million cubic metres of water, which is enough to cover the entire area of Slovenia. At the end of the last glacial period, Lake Bohinj was about 18 metres higher, extending all the way to the village of Stara Fužina.

Only one tenth of Lake Bohinj is shallower than 10 metres, and as much as 80 % is deeper than 20 metres, with 20 % even deeper than 40 metres. Maximal depth is 45m and it is in the east side close to our Hostel Ceklin. In the summer the temperature reaches up to 22 degree while in the winter it can freeze. During heavy rain water level goes up three metres and Lake water is entirely replenished three times per year. 16 different fish species live inside it.